INHOFF clocks, Kelowna B.C. was founded by Matthias Inhoff in 1994 shortly after coming to the Okanagan Valley from the Black Forest Region in Germany. I saw the need for someone doing quality clock repairs, after seeing what kind of service was available in Kelowna at the time.

I learned the art of clock repair from my father, who was a Master Watch & Clockmaker, educated in Germany. He had a clock & jewelry store in the city where I had grown up. Our family came to Montreal, QC, Canada in mid 1967 and he carried on his trade there.

I would help him disassemble and clean all types of clocks that he had in for repair, later graduating to doing the entire job by my early teens. Together, we repaired, delivered and assembled many hundreds of clocks.

In the mid 1970's, my father also worked for a large clock retailer & distributor. Aside from looking after the Service end of that company, he also assembled movements into pre-finished cabinetry. Some 40 odd years on, I still see quite a few of these clocks in my repair business.

After studying Pure & Applied sciences, basic Mechanical Engineering, I became a Certified Mechanical Metrologist (Metrology is the science of measurement) and in 1981 moved to Germany to work for the Canadian Forces under contract. There, I ran the Mechanical Calibration Laboratory, working with PME (Precision Measuring Equipment) to extremely high accuracy and tolerances. I would also do clock repairs privately for friends and acquaintances, as well as instrument repairs.

I have a Certificate in Quality Management from the University of Manitoba and hold other Certifications in Management and Technical Training.

We have been doing clock repairs, overhauls and restorations in Kelowna and the Okanagan Valley since 1994. In early 1995, we became an Authorized Service Center for both Howard Miller and Ridgeway clocks.

We have earned a reputation for High Quality Workmanship, Superior Standards and Ethical Business Practices. We serve not only our own customers and clients, but also do Trade Work for various Jewellers up and down the Okanagan Valley.
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